Along with his private lessons and teaching, AJ provides Masterclasses & Workshops, as well as appearing and performing as a Drum Clinician. AJ is happy to perform and teach wherever there is a need or want for it.  Please read below for the services that are available, and use the form below to book AJ for your Drum Shop, Church, Drum Event, Clinic or School. 
If AJ appears on a Drum Clinic, as well as performing tracks on which he has written or appeared, there will be a large amount of education and information delivered. AJ strives to give attendees at a drum clinic an insightful, helpful and inspiring evening, that results in drummers feeling hungry to go home and practice/enjoy drumming. 
Topics covered in Clinics include Applying Rudiments, growing a single idea, dynamic and controlled drumming, branding and business, technique and musicality, or material from with Drum Book (The Drummer's Odyssey / The Field Manual for the Church Drummer).
"ODYSSEY" - "a long and eventual journey or experience"
This is a word that perfectly describes the process of learning to play the drums. "The Drummer's Odyssey" is one of AJ's drum books, which contains a system that helps drummers achieve greater creative ideas, technical proficiency and musical phrasing. This is what is taught and delivered throughout "The Drummer's Odyssey Masterclass", with plenty of time for questions and impromptu topics/discussions

AJ grew up playing in churches, and is an active church drummer. "The Field Manual For The Church Drummer" was AJ's second book, which is available worldwide. It is the content that is available in the Church Drummer Masterclass. AJ will sit with the drummers in your church and discuss/demonstrate topics such as musical drumming, communicating with your worship leader, gear and equipment, backing tracks and electronics, dynamic builds and drops, technique and timing. There will also be plenty of time for questions and specific inisghts. 
DRUMMING WORKSHOPS   (In Person / Online)
This is a general drumming workshop, that are specially designed and tailored for the needs of the host/organiser. This can be an unperson workshop at a venue, or online using from AJ's remote studio. Whether it is at a University, Music Department, Drum Shop, Music Event, Drum School, AJ can provide an enjoyable and engaging Workshop for all ages and abilities. Topics can include learning your favourite songs, group drumming sessions, rhythm and phrasing, technique, musicality, rudiments, styles & genres, and many more...    
Please use the form below to enquire for more infomation or to book AJ for a Workshop, Masterclass or Clinic. 

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